Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

Thinking of You

Several days ago I met my friend A Shan, who is my childhood neighbor. We grew up together, but then chose a different life. I went to Germany with my family, yet he stayed and did hard work to make his dream come true.

We have not seen each other for a long time. He's much taller than me now. I feel strange but also familiar.

"Hey," he said, "How do you do?" His smile and words reminded me of his look in memory. He came to my home and my parents were also happy to see him. We had a nice day.

Happy time is always short. He had his work and must go forward. Before leaving he took some photos of me at the cold night of Germany. The photos are in black and white, like old pictures, which I like very much.

After his leaving, I thought of him several times. I wonder if he was thinking of me. I don't know whether I fall in love with him. Maybe the sweet memory of old time or the longing for home give me the illusion.

I cannot describe this feeling: it's just a feel, a little sweet, a little bitter.

Some people would never be together but theres a feeling hiding in their heart forever.

So tonight, I write my feeling, maybe tomorrow I'll feel very different and have a new day.


Good night, my dear friends


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  3. Very beautiful photos :)

    Now I´m following you beautiful blog :)
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  4. You could say it was a sweet meeting, looking at the beautiful photos he took of you, it looks like he really likes you :)
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  7. Dankeschön :)
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  8. my goosshh!!! the pics are so beautiful!! but my fav is the 4th photo.. you look so pretty!! <3 <3
    anw I know that feeling too.. when you met an old friend and confuse whether you're in love with him or not.. cant wait to hear more from you.. :D

    thank you so much for visiting my blog Klara..
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  9. I really love these pics, they are so emotional <3


  10. Yes, it´s true. A little sad about his leave...

  11. You only find one the one. I follow yu back sweety


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